What does Otterpack's Reverse Osmosis membrane remove?

Virtually anything you would want to be removed. The Reverse Osmosis membrane provides a full-range treatment that assures safe and great-tasting water.

What filters come with the Otterpack system?

The system comes with four built-in filters:

  • Three pretreatment filters: Sediment 5 Micron, Iodinated Risen, and Carbone Block filter.
  • One post-treatment Ultrafiltration filter.

Also, the system comes with a spare set of all three pretreatment filters.

Is it difficult to assemble the Otterpack system?

No, It takes less than one minute from start to finish to complete the Otterpack assembly process.

What type of water source can I use the Otterpack system in?

Any water source except seawater.

What makes Otterpack different from other portable water treatment systems?

Otterpack is the only portable system based on Reverse Osmosis, comes with a self-priming pump up to 12 meters, can be operated manually, electrically, or in hybrid mode, and which can be comfortably carried like a backpack by one person. This is the only portable system that removes even the most toxic toxins like Cyanide.

Does the water produced by the Otterpack taste good?

Yes, with the Otterpack's high capacity Reverse Osmosis membrane and post-filters ensuring that the water is clean and has a pleasant taste.

Can I buy extra filters for the Otterpack system?

Filters produced nowadays have to have a long life span. Besides, the Otterpack comes with an extra set of two pre-treatment filters. Also, filters are always available for purchase.

Does the Otterpack system effectively remove bacteria?

Yes, Otterpack effectively removes bacteria at a rate greater than 99.9999%.

Does the Otterpack system effectively remove cysts?

Yes, Otterpack effectively removes cysts at a rate greater than 99.9999%.

Does the Otterpack system effectively remove viruses?

Yes, Otterpack effectively removes viruses at a rate greater than 99.9999%

Does the Otterpack system remove chemical contamination?

Yes, Otterpack effectively removes organic, inorganic, pesticide, herbicide, and radionuclide contaminants.

Will the Otterpack system remove salt from the water?

Yes, Otterpack will remove 99% of salt from the water with TDS up to 2,500 ppm. Above this, the flow will be too low.

What does it mean when it says a system is 'Hybrid'?

Otterpack has three operational modes:

1. Electrical, by a standard rechargeable battery

2. Manual

3. Integrated, operated by manual crank while the electric pump is working. This makes the battery life span much longer.

Has an independent certified laboratory tested the Otterpack?

Yes, multiple times. The OtterpackTM has been tested numerous times by different certified third-party independent laboratories.

How do we know when the filters should be replaced?

Filters should be replaced when the difference (displayed on the monitor) between the inlet and outlet pressures is higher than 2 Bar.

How often should the Reverse Osmosis membrane be replaced?

With proper simple care, which includes necessary cleaning procedures, the membrane will last many years.