Starting in 1972, for more than four decades, we have offered the most comprehensive set of advanced water treatment solutions and services available, helping our customers manage and optimize their water resources and process challenges across industries.

Over that time, we have evolved into the leading provider of water purification technologies to the military, healthcare, governments, food-services, high-tech, industrial, and various other organizations. 


We built our company and reputation on the innovative, ecological, and efficient water treatment approach that improves water quality and makes life better for all. It reflects the team's engagement in preserving and conserving fresh water, one of our planet's most precious and endangered natural resources.

Our commitment to clean water includes ongoing investment in research and development of advanced water purification processes.

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Our product designs and material selection reflect decades of knowledge gained where it counts the most: from actual operations and performance in the field. We operate globally and offer our individual and collective expertise and experience to ensure that regardless of the type, size, or complexity of water purification challenges our client’s requirements are met with the best possible solution.



Co Managing Partner and CTO

Liav Deutsch

Liav has been with us since our founding, and Liav is one of our proud veteran team members. We are thankful for the many years of experience and skills he brings to the forefront in helping our business grow and evolve.